Magical★Travel Boy

Magical★Travel Boy Summary

Magical★Travel Boy summary: 1-3: Magical Travel Boy, Magical Trick Boy, Magical Powerful Boy An alien boy with magical powers becomes lost while on a school excursion to planet Earth. A local street magician takes him in, but he has a dangerous secret of his own. 4: Love Hospital A chatty student is sent to the hospital with a broken leg. The patient in the adjacent bed is a student as well, yet he refuses to talk to anyone at all. 5: Suki de Warui ka!! (Wrong To Like You!!) A shy high school student is a closet otaku who loves drawing manga based on his favorite shows. One day, he is horrified when another student happens to see the artwork in his notebook. 6: Foul na Kankei (A Foul Relationship) Two former friends are reunited when they join the senior high basketball club. But one still carries a grudge over a terrible betrayal many years ago.

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