Lazy Sigh of the Villainous Daughter

Lazy Sigh of the Villainous Daughter Summary

Lazy Sigh of the Villainous Daughter summary: I was reincarnated as a villainess from an otome game I was playing. At this rate,I'll be exiled for being in the heroine’s way of conquering love. However, in this world... there are no entertainment materials! No doujinshis, no otome games, no smartphone! I'm really bored! Of course, I should be avoiding the destructive bad end… but before that I’m going to die from boredom! "If there's no entertainment, just create it!" Using the knowledge from my past life to create toys and romance novels, I'll make this boring world fun! After becoming the queen’s favorite entrepreneur, I thought this scenario change will bring me to my wonderful future…...but now the novel I wrote has brought me to the destruction flag--!?


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