For My Hero

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For My Hero summary: “Noah, open your eyes! This can’t be your last. Please…!” I was summoned to this world just because I was holding a novel, “The Heart of a Dragon, and I became the second lead character in the novel. And you, the master of the sword and my husband. Our meeting was so fateful. So I didn’t believe your love. Because I thought you loved the heroine, not me. Unlike the novel, I realized only after you died in vain. I’m a coward. I loved you, but I refused it because I was afraid I would lose you. Now… it’s time to settle the debt owed by the Dragon. The day I came back from the first meeting with you, I decided. I’m not going to let you die this time. “I’ll protect you no matter what. Trust me!” Even if you’re the strongest hero in the world who doesn’t need help.


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