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Fetish BL Anthology summary: Your "thing" is making me unable to hold back! It's an all out fetish story collection! 1. Ms. Margaret's Secret Workshop Story: Oreun Yong Satang Art: Yoolseo Description: ... 2. Love and Fever Story/Art: Yeo-Ing Description: Junwoo was asked by his lover, Hayun, to fill in for him for his part-time job. But, Junwoo felt that there was something stange with him so he headed for his place. Upon arriving, Junwoo found Hayun in a... strange state? 3. Maid Serial Murder Case Story/Art: Gojo Description: ... 4. Something Sweet and Bloody Story/Art: King Prawn Sushi Description: ... 5. Why I Fell for You Story/Art: Reumi Description: ... 6. Unfixable Story/Art: InNin Description: HyeonYeong decides to end his life and he climbs up a mountain to do it. But just when he was about to commit suicide, he receives an SOS, and the sender is... a tiger? Isn't that shiny "thing" over there so beautiful?! 7. Am I an "Iljin"? Story/Art: Kkomi Description: ...


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