Don't Give Your Heart to that Book

Don't Give Your Heart to that Book Summary

Don't Give Your Heart to that Book summary: My goal is to escape! A novel about doomed romance: Ashley Rose was reincarnated as the eighth Imperial Princess, the daughter of Extraline’s Emperor. She thought she’d live life with a silver spoon, but instead, she became the coating for it?! Just as she resigned herself to her miserable life, she discovered a mysterious diary detailing what would happen in the future. Unfortunately, the diary foretold Ashley’s death by the hands of Crown Prince Castor. “What do I mean to you?” The crown prince smiled handsomely after asking the question. And then, I died. Unfortunately, no matter how many times Ashley died, she’d always return. As she continued dying over and over again, her expressions grew more and more emotionless. …….. Let’s try to survive. *** His violent smile gradually drew near. “What can I help you with?” “Who knows.” His pale, light sky-blue hair blew in the wind. There was a ghost of a smile on his face as he licked his lips. “Say my name.” “…..” I turned my head. “Amor—. And.” His fingertips crept on my wrists.


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