Dark Cherry to Shoujo A

Dark Cherry to Shoujo A Summary

Dark Cherry to Shoujo A summary: 1. Candy Trap 2. Honey Method Sakura realizes that lasting love is possible with Mai, even if she's a woman. 3. Tadashii Pantsu no Sutekata 4. Naisho no Kaijuu-chan 5. Sakasama Buranko 6. From Tomorrow on, No More Drinking Madoka and Yuina were in the same high school friend group but went separate ways in college. Now they've run into each other at work, what will be confessed if they get drunk? 7. Girls Bitter Ambitious Mei discovers that guys don't make her feel the way her best friend Tomoko does. 8. Dark Cherry to Shoujo A 9. The Girls' Party Sakura and Mai come to an understanding.

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